ETIRA launches new reuse promotion video

ETIRA will launch the first of three videos promoting reuse at The Recycler Live Conference in Brussels this week.


“The video promotes reuse as a better option than continually using new single use cartridges. We want to promote reuse as a better option and to decrease single-use cartridges, thereby reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new cartridges and reduce costs for consumers in the process.” Said David Connett, the outgoing ETIRA president.

We chose a cartoon theme for the video to convey an easily understood message and emphasise that reuse is a very favourable option for printer cartridge consumers.

ETIRA will use the video as part of their social media strategy to promote reuse across the office imaging sector. “A unique message in today’s world”.  According to Connett, “The OEMs want to shred used cartridges and recycle the materials. While this is better than landfill, it is way off the better reuse option and should come well after reusing the empty cartridges. In today’s world, the focus has to be on reducing what we consume, reusing everything we produce and then recycling the true waste and zero going to landfill.”

The video is two minutes long and can be viewed above or here:  Alternative language versions will be produced if needed.

ETIRA plans two further videos this year covering the topics of “Reduce” and “Recycle”.

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