ARTI-Italia’s study soon to be published

Last month The Recycler reported on a new paper commissioned by Arti-Italia, which will explore sustainable development in Italy’s printing consumables industry.

The study, which will be published imminently, was produced by Dr Alessandro Dragoni and is entitled “Art of Regeneration: research on a sustainable future”. According to Mr Giovani Ravelli, the President of Art-Italia, the purpose of the paper is “to shed light and say what is true and false about this sector. The research carried out represents the first and important analytical and professional document on the world of regeneration.”

The study analyses not only the economic and strategic context but also “the legal and environmental contexts” and includes interviews with industry managers and entrepreneurs in order to benefit from their “direct testimony”.

Its findings indicate that “sustainable development is possible on condition that all institutions, economic operators and consumers work in the direction of reducing the contrast between the economy and the environment. In this direction it is fundamental for companies to follow and pursue behaviours in compliance with the rules shared by the community, both in terms of how to do business and in competition on the markets.”

The paper advocates “a fair and transparent manner” and gives medium and long-term advice on how to achieve a sustainable future in the industry, citing the importance of adding concepts “such as green economy, circular economy, eco-design and regeneration” into the “current vocabulary” and explaining the importance of understanding what effect we have on the environment.

In addition, the paper instructs that those in the industry must “look at a policy that considers the effects of products throughout their life-cycle” as disposable waste “must give way to the philosophy of recycling, reuse and regeneration of used goods.”

Italy’s Public Administration “is asked to make every effort to fully apply the existing Green Public Procurement rules” and the country’s private sector “is required to develop a greater awareness of the potential offered by the sector’s productions”. Arti-Italia’s press release concludes by urging companies to “learn to operate in a network by directing their efforts towards the Art of regeneration and sustainable development that unites them.”


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