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L’industria della rigenerazione, attraverso le sue diverse Associazioni di categoria: DKWU in Germania, UKRA in Gran Bretagna, ARTI-Italia in Italia, FCR in Francia e ETIRA in Europa, sta offrendo ai suoi clienti e ai...


Britons exposed to chemicals from birth

Banned flame retardants were found in the umbilical cord blood of new-born babies. The UK Parliaments environmental audit committee (EAC) recently published a report accusing UK ministers of “sitting on their hands” while “unnecessary...


Russian Authority Explains China-made Cartridge Rejection

Russian Authority Explains Chinese-made Cartridge Rejection Dr Stanislav Malinskiy (pictured), head of the Russian information agency Business-Inform has explained why the Russian government and large corporate buyers are rejecting hundreds of thousands of Chinese-made cartridges. “During...