ETIRA at remanexpo: Booth, Board and Member meetings, Sunday Cocktail/ The Recycler Awards, and Member networking

Market players adjusting to the new normal – German customs checked booths of SE Asian exporters for illegal cartridges – ETIRA presentation  –  ETIRA Board meeting

From 27 to 30 January, ETIRA again exhibited at the 2018 remanexpo at the international trade show Paperworld. This largest European show for office supplies was held at Frankfurter Messe in Frankfurt, Germany. We met with many Members, several prospects, OEM rep’s, and distributed flyers urging visitors to buy remanufactured cart’s and services from ETIRA Members only. We also handed out ETIRA’s “Guide to Clones”.  On Sunday, there was the traditional ETIRA Cocktail, jointly with the festive The Recycler Awards ceremony. Over 150 persons met at this “must attend” industry networking opportunity. Please refer to industry magazine The Recycler for more details. The Cocktail was kindly sponsored by Messe Frankfurt: many thanks to them, and to the organisers of the The Recycler team !

Our meetings with industry members indicated that they are adjusting to the new market normal. Although the presence of non-OEM newbuilts on W-European markets again increased somewhat in 2017 (after a stabilisation in 2015/2016), remanufacturers are dealing with that challenge, and with the stiff competition from the OEM’s.  German customs and OEM lawyers were also “on site”, checking booths of SE Asian exporters for the presence of illegal cartridges. And ETIRA’s Vincent van Dijk presented (PDF available from the Secretariat) ETIRA’s work for the industry and why you need to be a member. In addition, the Board of Directors of ETIRA met on Sunday to discuss latest market news, member issues, upcoming Board member elections, and our 2018 activities. They were four full and useful days ! More details ? Ask ETIRA,


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